About Us


We are a family of 3 from Stockport, and I hope this blog will chart our adventures as our little lady grows up. We are a Home Educating ‘to be’ family, and we love spending our time together playing, shopping, riding bikes, singing, dancing, enjoying gadgets and hearing our little girl giggle!

There is Me – Ailsa; I work part-time as a primary school teacher and the rest of my time having adventures at home. I love being at home and I know I am very lucky!

There is Dave, my fabulous husband. Dave is the primary gadget enthusiast and shopaholic bargain hunter! He is also the most generous, caring and thoughtful man you could wish to meet 🙂

And of course, there is our fabulous Daughter Annabelle. This little lady is 3, and she loves doggies, horses, cheese, dancing, swimming, ducks, teddies, and bins (yes she really, really loves bins).

That’s a basic introduction to us, I hope you enjoy the blog!

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