A few links

These are a few of my favourite places on the web:

Lactivitst a fabulous network of support, information and advice about breastfeeding. And lots of pro-breastfeeding and co-sleeping goodies to buy!

Natural Mamas this is a site primarily about baby wearing but the forum is huge and encompases general parenting issues, home education, older children and lots and lots of friendly advice about baby wearing!

The Green Parent This is a gorgeous magazine and the website has lots of extra articles and an active forum covering lots of green and natural parenting topics.

And my favourite home education/early education blogs:

Patch of Puddles

Pyjama School

A Magical Childhood

Happy Hooligans

Smiling Like Sunshine

Let the Children Play

Classroom Free

Play at home Mom

The Mommies made me do it

Irrisistible ideas for play based learning

  1. Hi Ailsa,
    I saw your profile and blog info on The Green Parent’s ‘Meet our Readers’ page, and as you’re just up the road from us thought I’d check it out. I’m glad I did! Thank you so much for so many fabulous toddler ideas! I too have a two year old daughter and am tentatively considering home educating. Your blog is a wonderful resource to refer to for ideas.
    Well done and please don’t ever stop!
    Kind regards,
    Sally Hale

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