Monthly Archives: November 2012

It has begun

We have started counting down – Christmas is definately on the way in our house! I have seen some gorgeous Advent ideas for this year, and we will be making one of these Santa faces which need a cotton wool …

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Twig print autumnal trees

The last of our autumnal crafts! We have really enjoyed all our autumnal fun this year, and I saved this activity until last to make sure that Annabelle had had plenty of experience of the changing colours on the trees, …

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The one about Lincoln

We had a great time in Lincoln recently visiting Annabelle’s Aunty Sharon and Uncle Ian, so I thought we would share some of the fun we had! We had time for a little crafty fun while Dave was on tech …

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Great big messy fun!

feet in the paint

What to do on a dreary drizzly afternoon with a little time left before teatime? Our answer – some biiig painting! We stretched out a large piece of paper, chose some paints and got stuck in! It was nice for …

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Little Autumnal Moments

daisy nook country park

Helping Daddy Dave was busy digging in the garden, and Annabelle pottered around collecting stones, twigs and leaves in her baskets. After a while, she stopped and watched Dave for a moment then dashed to her toy box – she …

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